i wanted to set a maximum limit of characters of textbox in the properties but i can't find where it is located unlike in vb 6.0 you can set the characters in maxlength...thank you in advance..

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In vb.net also for textbox there is a property called MAXLength u can set the length there..

Or you can set it with code at form load:

TextBox1.MaxLength = 3

i already set the maxlength to 15 and also codes it to form load but the maxlength of the textbox is only 10 that if i exceed to that number i encountered an overflow..

by the way thanks for the reply:)

Are you have tried to set from textbox properties? On MaxLength.

Click the Textbox go to --> Properties --> MaxLength --> Desired Length(5,10)

Or you can set it programmatically YourtextboxName.maxlength=10

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