I get this python error: unindent does not match any outer indentation level, and a red bar appears where "RIGHT HERE RED" is.., keep in mind that this is just a fraction of the entire program but i dont know where the spacing error occurs... pleeeaaase i beg you and thank you!!!

this is the area of my code that it appears

while len(players)<max_players:
    print("New Character")
    #create empty profile dictionary
   profile = {'Name':"",'Desc':"",'Race':"",'Gender':"",'Muscle':0, #<---RIGHT HERE RED
   #prompt user for user-defined information(name,desc,gender,race)
   name=input('What is your name? ')
   desc=input('Describe your self: ')
   if gender.startswith('f'):

That is exactly where the problem is look directly above that line buddy :).

Where i dont see an issue?

Does profile or anything below it match the spacing above it? Looks a little off to me. The r in profile is under the # in the line above it.

You need to keep your indentation spacing consistent. Like predator78 pointed out, you are switching from 4 spaces to 3 spaces in the same block of code. Not good!

Most Python IDEs will assist you on obvious mistakes like that.

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