i am making a project shape detection i started in c# but i have to face alot of problem in it. Infact i am working on background subtraction till last 4 weeks kindly help me it is better to make in c# or matlab?
i have no idea about matlab
is there any lirary for imgae in c#?
how can i embed matlab program in c#?
plz help me this is my final year project

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as far as this project is concerend it is much more easy to implement in matlab then that of C# i have attached two links the second one will show how to use matlab and c# in collaboration and the third link is a tutorial of matlab and believ me working in matlab is very easy the only problem is its GUI that is not impressive enough but still is very easy to use and understand
check 1-this link and 2-this link..... 3-this link ....and 4-this link

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Thankes i will try it
i have no idea abt matlab
i familiar with c#
is there any library for image in .net?


There are all sorts of graphics libraries for .net... What kind of functionality are you looking for? If you are looking for a library that does shape detection for you, don't expect it to be free and don't expect a good mark (or any mark for that matter :P )

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