I've been teaching myself programming in c#, until such time that I actually save up the money to do some courses. Inbetween learning, I do some fun stuff. Now I decided to do a 'Word Mole' type game in WinForms. The biggest problem I have is where to store the words, and how long will it take to create such a list??? Wondering now if it won't be easier trying to figure out the AI for tic tac toe that I've been busy with??? Any ideas???

Answer 1: use text file (you dont need any dataBase). Do some logical hierarchal sequence of values in this file, so you can easy retrieve them back out (just something simple)
Answer 2: I dont actually know the game, so hard to tell. If you know it, you can have some clue how much time can it take.
Answer 3: Depends how much you want to complicate. But in basic, there is not much to complicate really, not as Tic Tac Toe. Simple have to use a Random class, and look which places are free, and you have to look for the "3 in the row" to win the game.
I would say you can write AI in a simple method (few minutes work).

thanks, was thinking down the lines of xml for the wordlist, but basically the list needs to contain a full dictionary. gonna see if I can findone to download from somewhere. As for the AI, I had in mind the kind where you would almost never be able to beat it. Still working on that when I'm not trying to get to grips with enums etc.