Right, I basically want to develop some desktop-based software in c# .net that will execute simple queries on an sql database. I currently deal with this problem in my job, but it's all web-based, and I wasn't responsible for setting up the database and data context - so as you can imagine I'm a bit of an amateur with this sort of stuff.

My question is:

- I need to develop this basic software for an office that has 3 computers - is it possible to host an SQL database on one of these computers and distribute the software over a network (in any way needed, 3 seperate installations or whatever)?

The idea is a really simple stock management program so each computer must be able to access the same database at any point.

Thanks a LOT in advance,


Yep, it's very easy to do so. As you said, you'll just have to install the software on any computer that needs to access the database.

Sql server should be installed on only one system and all others systems should be attached with it and have access to the database

i am not damn sure but use host computers IP and server Name