I believe the title of my thread explains what I am trying to do... I have a .class file, I need to look at the code has generated the .class. is this possible, and if yes, can you tell me how?

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You need to look for java decompiler, however be aware that you will not get exact code as you do see in java file

thanks a lot.

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Not to mention that the *.class file is distributed so you don't see the code.
If you are trying to sell a product, do you want people looking at (and stealing) YOUR code?

that's correct hfx642, I thought of it too. (one would think) if the author wanted his code known, he'd distribute the code. however, I assure you this is something between friends, no business involved. the file in this case is a one-file applet, from long ago. so I guess you see it is not like I am trying to steal someone's code. I was given the file... the applet won't work though, so I want to open the code and try to fix it.

There is a java decompiler available at: [snipped]
The first actually working analytical decompiler for Java and probably for a high-level programming language in general.

Atanas: something tells me you are just advertising this product. if you give this as answer on a current or active topic, no problem, but if you revive several old threads just to promote this decompiler, it seems a bit obvious to what you're doing.

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