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this is simple code to print directly.

Printer.Print Text1.Text

it print, what u write in text1.text.


hello thanks for the reply..ahm kindly please give me some example on this im confuse...can i print my data display on the flexgrid then send to the printer?...hoping for your positive responds.


Well, you could do a couple of things...

If you want to keep the graphical look of the grid and the form then it is time to search with your friends (yahoo, google, ask, answers, bing) for vb6 screenshot, vb6 printing screenshot.

However, if you just want to print directly to the printer without all the graphics showing up on the paper and thus using up more ink/toner, then you can use the printer.print method after you loop through the grid while building your string that you are going to print. Then after the .print method, you would want to use the .EndDoc method...

Good Luck

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