i currently doing a project on silab C8051F120 using ASM langauge
i need to have 2 interrupt where if 1 of the push button is press it will hang and pause and another is a master reset
however i need to map port 1.4,1.5 to int0 to int1 so when the pushbutton is press the program will be interrupt to perform it's service, i know i have to use crossbar but i have no idea on how can i do it.
can you guys help me by showing me an example of how to eqn the port to the int0/1 it.

To Initialisate crossbar
i'm using this
mov IE ,#1000 0101b
mov XBR1,#0001 0100b
mov IP,#0000 0001b
am i correct for using this?

Secondly, if i will to make leds blink at a duty cycle of 50% so i must use a external timer to make a waveform and output to the ports where the LED are right?same can be applied to the speaker to make a beeping sound right?

p.s i have and did read the data sheet but i clearly don't understand how to use it :( if clearly what stated above cannot be done can i use this?

;poll pushbutton
here:jb p1.1,here
setb p3.2 ;trigger int0 flag since the pushbutton is pressed

hi dear I have to build a program with emulator but I don`t know how to do
this program is get a string from user and print it in next line but from right to left
please help me it is necessary