Hi all!
I'm using mac os X (intel core duo 2) and I'm quite new in assembly coding. I've got this problem: I'd like to read a file in USB memory using assembly. Does anybody know how is it possible? And more in general can you give me some links to start assembly coding ? Thanks!!

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This is probably not possible using conventional assembly, being that any kernel will stop your software from just randomly reading files as a security feature.

You might be able to achive it through kernel calls though (check your man pages) or this manual: http://www.draga.com/~jwise/mach/documentation/essentials/manual/manual.pdf

Here is a book on assembly:

I'd highly recommend you check out "Computer Organization and Design" by Patterson and Hennesy and try coding their examples in the Mars editor, as that will give you a good intro and safe environment to test assembly in.

Ok I'll take a look!! Thanks for the answer!!

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