Hi dudes,

I currently learning mfc and I wrote a modeless dialog canculator app for my job. As soon as I tried to launch the app I get error msgbox saying "inoretly installed app.."(the exe file was copied to another conputer).
My target OS is xp 32, while I am working on wista7 64bit and using visual 2005 64bit.
How to implement the problem?


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You mean you wrote a program with 64-bit compiler and tried to run it on a machine that is 32-bit operting system? That won't work. Compile it with 32-bit compiler and it will work on either 32-bit or 64-bit machines.

Next, you have to probably install the MFC re-distributables. Look in your compiler's install directory and you will probably find them. If not, then look on the DVD that the compiler was on. If all else fails, you can download them from here

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