hey, I was recently programming my own variable equation solver in C++ and out of nowhere, my computer crashed and all my code was erased. My computer booted up just fine but none of my code was there. i dont have the guts to start all over again. I dont have any recent backup of the program. any help?

Edited by thecoolman5: tried to recover the last compile but that just erased my old executible

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Sucks at it happens. Thats why once a while you should hit cntrl-s( save shortcut ). This happened to me many times, and I learnt my lesson.


Unfortunately there's nothing you can do. I recommend using version control software like git or svn and commit your changes often. Not only does it help you save your work, it saves snapshots of your code so that you can revert back to a previous version if you mess something up and don't remember what you changed.

Good luck with the solver.

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