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Develop a statistical program to compute the famous statistics. First, create a text file, data.txt, contains several observations. Then write a java program that displays the following menu:

Main Menu
1.  Mode
2.  Median
3.  Range
4.  Stem and Leaf Plot
5.  Histogram
6.  Exit
Enter your choice (1-6):

The needed operation is executed based on the user choice so that the user cannot leave the program unless he chooses 6 (Exit).
The data read from file should be stored in 1-D array named dataArray. In the program, each item in the above main menu is executed through a method called from the main. Besides these methods, you need to add the following static methods:
- Search method which takes 1-D array (List) and an element (key). It returns true if key is found in List.
- Sort method which takes 1-D array (List) it returns 1-D array (sorted increasingly)
- findMax which takes 1-D array (List) it returns the maximum value in List
- findMin which takes 1-D array (List) it returns the minimum value in List
The program should send the dataArray as a parameter to the required methods based on the user choice. The method returns the appropriate value to the main. The real numbers should appear in this format .3f (3 digits after the decimal point).
General Comments:
The methods depend on the definition of the above statistical terminology:
Mode is the most frequent observation in a data set.
Range: the difference between the highest and the lowest values in a set.
Median is the observation that lies on the middle. To find the median, arrange the data increasing order, then calculate the following:

                  Xn+1/2   n is odd 
Median = {(Xn/2 + Xn/2+1)/2

The above additional methods (search, sort, and findMax/findMin) are used to find the statistics (mode, median, and range respectively) i.e. the method should be called from the statistic method e.g. search method should be called from the mode method, sort from the median method and so on. Therefore max. number of static method is 10 Stem and Leaf Plot and Histogram items in the main menu are described with the following example:
Assume the observations on the data.txt are:

1.17    1.61    1.16    1.38    3.53    1.23    3.76    1.94    0.96    4.75    0.15    
2.14    0.71    0.02    1.59    0.19    0.82    0.47    2.16    2.01    0.92    0.75
2.59    3.07    1.40

Stem and Leaf Plot 
Stem                Leaf    Frequency
0   02 15 19 47 71 75 82 92 96      9
1   16 17 23 38 40 59 61 94         8
2   01 16 41 59                 4
3   07 53 76                3
4   75                  1
Total                       25

That means the method of stem and leaf plot should return a 2-D array as in the example above sample while that of the histogram should not return any value since it only draws the histogram i.e. nothing more than drawing.

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