i have attached the exe file of the program that im trying to do it, & im facing many problems, can anyone do that & reply me :rolleyes: :cry: ???

1) how i can put more than 100 countries in the first combobox???

2) when i choose a country, how the flag of it, will appear in the picturebox???

3) when i press the button "finalists", how the program will pick 25 countries randomly???

4) how i can put all the colors that are in the system, in the last 2 comboboxes???

i wish if anyone will help, it will be so gr8 :sad:

Without your source code I can't be sure, but this should work for the random country proplem (it's a bit inelegant, I admit):

Public Function GetRandomCountries(ByVal AllCountries As Collection, ByVal ReturnQty As Integer) As Collection
'Use Country object instead of String here if possible
Dim RandomCountries As New Collection
Dim strCountry As String 'iterative string or object
Dim sSeed As Single = 0.314159 'Optional
Randomize(sSeed) 'Init Randomizer
Dim iReturnQty As Integer = ReturnQty
Dim iCaptured As Integer = 0 'Counter of Countries Stored
'Capture random Country
strCountry = AllCountries(CInt(Rnd() * ReturnQty)).ToString
'Make sure Country doesn't already exist in collection
If Not RandomCountries.Contains(strCountry) Then
'Add Country
RandomCountries.Add(strCountry, strCountry)
'Increment Counter
iCaptured += 1
End If
If iCaptured > ReturnQty Then
'Return Random Collection and Exit
GetRandomCountries = RandomCountries
Exit Function
End If

End Function

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