I do not need anything too complex, I just need to be able to graph and plot some simple 2D graphs. There is a lot of scattered info all over the internet and at work I dont want to download one of these free softwares and have it blow up my computer.

Any Advice? Free and not free graphing software??

Well, plotting a graph implies a GUI, and most GUI tools have at least basic plotting tools. One that can easily be advocated is the used Qt for the GUI and Qwt for the scientific plotting tools.

If you just want to have a plot, no GUI, I would suggest you just save the data to a ascii file (with data elements separated by spaces or tabs or commas) and use any software for plotting it, like Excel, OpenOffice-Spreadsheet, Matlab or Octave.

none of the above suggestions are "untrustworthy", you can use them without fear that they will blow up your computer!

Save as ASCII and plot with Gnuplot.