Guys, Have a look...


This function is used for deleting a specific file right? But I m unable to delete it?
Is there my little mistake?

If you're using Vista or W7 you may need to give your application administrator privileges to modify something in the root directory like that.

don't place files in your root directory try to create a separate folder for placing the files or place them in you project folder.. Or use any other directory instead

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abelazm do u know how to give permission? to allow delete I m stucked in giving permission to delete a file.

Place the file to be deleted in a folder. Give all users full control to that folder. This will solve the issue.

Sorry, I m newbie in to give full control to all users?who users are these?I try put ASPNET.But it doesnt work.

Erm , I m able to solve already. When I put the code above response.end();..
any 1 know why?

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