Need help building a phonebook that will store and produce a telephone directory.

The phonebook needs to be able to
order the data by first name, last name or birthday, and produce output as such. The data is to be stored
in a text file (simple database), and can be added to or deleted from via the application that you are creating.

The following fields need to be included in the database:
– first name
– middle name
– last name
– birth date
– telephone number
– grouping (i.e. family, friends, co-workers...)
– full address

What I've learned thus far:
– variables
– lists/tuples
– conditional statements
– repetition statements
– functions
Additional items needed for this final project:
– file read/write
– multi dimensional lists
– sorting and searching

Im in highschool and need help making the code. I dont need anything fancy just to get the job done.

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Stop smearing your silly homework all over the forum!

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post your code with code tags and probably you get help with your difficult parts.


No, someone will not do that.

This forum is to help you do your work. It is not to do your work for you. See [thread=78060]These strong suggestions[/thread], particularly the last item.

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