Sooo... Every DLL injection result I've read so far only uses a pre-made DLL, loads it into another process and says "darn I'm good." They do absolutely NOTHING useful and a couple of them are rip-offs of one another only using a different programming language. Google has failed me!

Once my DLL is loaded into the target process, what good is it? Can I call functions in the application with the DLL ?

Much appreciated.

Yes of course you can -- that's the whole purpose of doing that. After calling LoadLibrary() to load the DLL into memory you need to call GetProcAddress() to get the address of the function you want to call.

If you want to inject YOUR DLL into another process, then here is a good tutorial

Yes, the idea is to inject my DLL into someone else's process.

Well.. That tutorial said IPC is the way to go, but I'm a bit lost on how to utilize it. What should I do now?

Read the article I posted carefully and download the demo application files whose link appears at the beginning of the article.

>>Can I call functions in the application with the DLL ?
No. But you can get text off the window and put text into the program. You can also use SetWindowsHook() to hook into the remote process's WinProc() function, which means MS-Windows os will call your WinProc() function before that of the remote process.

That's a bit disappointing. Thank you.

Why disappointing? DLLs never call functions in the application program (except via callback function pointers) -- its the other way around.

DLL injection just sounds magic to me, I guess. lol

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