Sooo... Every DLL injection result I've read so far only uses a pre-made DLL, loads it into another process and says "darn I'm good." They do absolutely NOTHING useful and a couple of them are rip-offs of one another only using a different programming language. Google has failed me!

Once my DLL is loaded into the target process, what good is it? Can I call functions in the application with the DLL ?

Much appreciated.

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Well.. That tutorial said IPC is the way to go, but I'm a bit lost on how to utilize it. What should I do now?


Read the article I posted carefully and download the demo application files whose link appears at the beginning of the article.

>>Can I call functions in the application with the DLL ?
No. But you can get text off the window and put text into the program. You can also use SetWindowsHook() to hook into the remote process's WinProc() function, which means MS-Windows os will call your WinProc() function before that of the remote process.


Why disappointing? DLLs never call functions in the application program (except via callback function pointers) -- its the other way around.

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