Hello.. I'd like to renew my old perl-based website and I am thinking to Python compared with PHP for many reasons (not last that I can use it for many other things that just web-development).
However there are tons of "web-frameworks" and I am very dishoriented with all this "offer".. I am interested in particular in this topics:
- power and flexibility;
- diffusion and active framework development;
- fast development (for the final programmer)..

Witch one would you suggest me?

Excerpt from a heated discussion a while back:

... or Django, or Turbogears, which provide a Ruby-on-Rails like framework to construct your web-app on. Turbogears uses CherryPy, incidentally, but also adds in a templating system (Kid) and a database persistance layer (SQLObject). Django does something similar, and also provides an administrative back end ...

... one of the coolest things about python web development is that you have entire frameworks -right from the bottom of the stack with webserver things like Twisted and CherryPy which can replace Apache.

You also have higher level rapid development frameworks like Django (VERY cool - runs under apache, fastCGI and others) and Turbogears (runs via CherryPy) and Subway (via CherryPy). All of these use the Model-View-Controller paradigm, so try to get you to not mix code and presentation like most PHP apps do.

I highly recommend Django & Turbogears over PSP and PHP. Haven't played around much with Subway, but it also looks quite good ...

... take a look at Spyce

it works pretty much like PHP, you write Python code inside special brackets and normal HTML outside the brackets, it's got modules for pretty much everything you need in web development ...

One of those days I will find time to explore that corner of Python!