I am currently working on a program where there is a requuirement that if the user removes a wifi modem & puts in another one, then the internet should get connected by detecting the new modem. Also the WPA key should be needed to be entered everytime. I am thinking of using the "View Available Wireless Networks" facility in the Windows taskbar so that the user can connect everytime by selecting the network that he wants to use.

The problem is how to call the program/process which is "View Available Wireless Networks" through code? This may be a straightforward one line thing but I am kinda new to windows programming. Also the program is using psdk for all functions.How to go about doing this?

Normally I would use something like this:

lstrcpy( m_szPath, "C:\\Program Files\\D-Link\\DWA-125 revA\\D-Link Wizard.exe" );
lstrcpy( m_szWorkingDirectory, "C:\\Program Files\\D-Link\\DWA-125 revA" );
m_pWifiAppLauncher = new ExternalApplicationLauncher( m_szPath, m_szWorkingDirectory );
((ExternalApplicationLauncher*)m_pWifiAppLauncher)->launchApplication( pSystemAccess );

and the constructor looks like this:

	LPCTSTR szPath,
	LPCTSTR szWorkingDirectory,
	LPCTSTR szParameters
) {

	ZeroMemory( &m_shellExecuteInfo, sizeof( m_shellExecuteInfo ) );

	m_shellExecuteInfo.cbSize = sizeof( m_shellExecuteInfo );
	m_shellExecuteInfo.fMask = SEE_MASK_NOCLOSEPROCESS;
	m_shellExecuteInfo.lpVerb = TEXT( "open" );
	m_shellExecuteInfo.lpFile = szPath;
	m_shellExecuteInfo.lpDirectory = szWorkingDirectory;
	m_shellExecuteInfo.lpParameters = szParameters;
	m_shellExecuteInfo.nShow = SW_SHOWNORMAL;

But which exe file is called when we right click on taskbar on the net connection icon & select "View Available Wireless Networks"?