As a complete layman, I turn with a request to modify a small free program installpad http://installpad.com.
The program is used to "unattended" pour into the computer programs.
I'd edited the software so that if they already have some programs that I would like to install, downloaded locally on your PC to the program again installpad "not download" to your temporary folder, but straight start.

Http://installpad.com/contribute The site is a link to the source code https: / / github.com / Philco / InstallPad

For any advice thanks in advance.

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Lol. Google translate is a joke. Your post makes very little cohesive sense.

Maybe post some code - as it's more universal.


What about like this? :)

Dear Sirs,

As a complete layman I would kindly like to request you for help in amending the small free Intsallpad program http://installpad.com.
The program serves for automated data insert into the PC.
I would like to change the software so that it immediately starts the programs which I would like to install in my PC and which have already been locally downloaded in the PC, instead of downloading them again to a temporary folder.

The link to the program’s source code https://github.com/philc/InstallPad can be found on the web page http://installpad.com/contribute.

Thank you for your help in advance.

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