Hi :D
Is it someone, who knows how i dock an "FormBorderStyle = none". I want it to be on the top, it will be new start line, but only on the top. No applications should run over the main. Like this picture:http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/600/topc.png/[/URL], you need to see the top.

Plizz help! :D

Are you wanting your program to resize other forms (like shown in the picture), or do you just want it to stay on top of everything else? If you want it to stay on top? Making it stay on top is as easy as setting a property:

Form x = new Form();
x.TopMost = true;

I want it to resize, and i want it to ON THE TOP. like a new windows sidebar, only on the top. plizz help

This looks like a good place to start (and possibly finish)

But this one is old, it is from 2003. Do you know any newer tutorials?
plizz help :D

I don't think the windows api has changed significantly in that time. Why would you need a newer tutorial?? I just tested it on XP and it works fine (still).

Oh, okee. I just like video tutorial :D