hi, i have this code:

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
using namespace std;

int main (char argc) 
           fstream myfile;
           cout << "1: Write" << endl;
           cout << "2: Read" << endl;
           int n1;
           cin >> n1;
           if(n1 == 1)
                 string n2;
                 myfile << n2 << endl;
           if(n1 == 2)
                 string n3;
                 cout << n3 << endl;

when i run it, i want to write to the file but when i press 1, the program just goes back to the main menu. any solutions?

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The way you wrote the code, it always returns to the menu. Remove the loop and it won't return to the menu.

What's a loop? What does a loop do when it reaches the end of the loop? How does the loop stop?

As has been discussed in many other threads here, "cin >>" doesn't remove the end-of-line from the stream after you read in the zero or one. So I'm thinking the getline() at line 21 gets the now-empty line and writes it to the file, rather than waiting for a new line of input.

Instead of cin >> n1; at line 16, try:

#include <sstream>
string line;
getline(cin, line);
istringstream is_strm(line);
is_strm >> n1;

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