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C is a language, not a piece of software. If you want to download some software to compile a program written in the C language, you can go to Bloodshed's web site and download DevC++ IDE---for free, and it's got a good rep! You can compile either C or C++ programs with that software.


Hi guys,,
i want to have C to my PC..i am using win XP. anyone can help me please

Turbo C is a good one too. It's totally free


>Turbo C is a good one too. It's totally free
Turbo C is not a good one, especially on Windows XP. If you're getting a compiler, actually get one that can handle your modern OS. Then we'll be able to avoid those annoying questions: "Why doesn't my C compiler that's old as dirt and written specifically for PC-DOS work on the latest build of Windows XP?" :rolleyes: And you just know that these Turbo C people will come out of the woodwork when Vista ships.

By the way, if you don't get the joke, please don't try to answer questions on this forum. You'll do more harm than good.

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