Just a general question about PySide (menubar) and UI programming. I was thinking to add menubar to my program that has a "Setting" option which let people to change the setting of the program :-). Now the question is, what is a right/correct way of saving those settings? Should I use TEXT file (Binary file with offsetting options?)?

How UI programmers do this in real program?



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Look at Qsettings if you want user to change and store settings in your UI.

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Look at Qsettings if you want user to change and store settings in your UI.

Ene Uran, and snippsat, thank you for your reply

snippsat, QSettings is what I was looking for.

Thanks again


I think there are many ways of saving the user settings. If your aplication is named MyGreatApp, the idea is to create a folder named MyGreatApp which contains your configuration files (in text or xml formats, or split in several files in several subdirectories). The location of the folder MyGreatApp depends on the system. In windows, you could store this folder in the user's 'Applications Data' folder, In a linux system, you could store it as a subfolder of ~/.gconf/apps (the gnome project has a system named gconf to handle applications configuration, see here http://projects.gnome.org/gconf/ ).
The older way in linux is to have a folder ~/.MyGreatApp , for example I have a ~/.VirtualBox, a ~/.wine, etc.

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