What is the best book to learn java programming?

I want a beginners book in java programming, I know very little as I did a short course in school.

I know visual basic programming and a few other programming languages already, and now want to learn java programming.

If you know any good books that learn java easily please post them here, thanks

Take a look at the Head First books. They have an interesting way of looking at things. They are pretty easy to read and provide pretty good explanations and examples

@svilla one of the reason why I suggested Starting Java post is that there are plenty of books already there and it reposting any of the is just unnecessary duplication, that you as programmer should learn how to avoid

I would say the best book I have come across for any programming language is a book by Joyce Farrell called "Java Programming". I had the original version, but then had to purchase the second edition for school about 5 years ago. However, they're just about identical. This book walks you through just about everything. It is written in a unique way so that you are an intern just learning to program in java. I would try to either find it online ( at least a sample chapter ) before spending college text book prices. http://www.bookbyte.com/product.aspx?isbn=9780619016593

bhartman21 - you might want to read the last message posted before you submitted yours.

bhartman21 - you might want to read the last message posted before you submitted yours.

Yeah, my response sat in my browser for an hour or so before I actually posted it, I got caught up in a work project. I also wanted to find a link to the book that I found very useful for learning Java programming.

Therefore, I would have read the previous post if were available when I started my response.