Dear Daniweb members.. Am on ma way to learn java. I hav bit knowledge about c,c++. Since am new to java, I need help for the following questions:

1. Where can i get the java software? (like turbo c++ for cpp)I need a link for it. I heard that it needs 2 things. One is compiler and the other is interpreter.

2. How to install it to my computer?

3. Any good tutorials for Java for beginners like me? I have bought Herbert Schildt book.

Thanks in advance.

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All the questions the OP could have about starting with Java are answered in (as masjiade suggested) the first thread in this forum. no need to copy them in here.


thanks for all ur replies.. How can i get into the first thread in this forum.. am new to Daniweb community.. somebody pls give the link of 1st thread.. thanks


You can use Netbeans IDE to develop your Java programs.It's free.....this is the link.


SDK also included with it.....

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starting with IDE = bad learning method: SDK is not always included. check your answers before posting

@pro_learner did you actually bother to check what was recommended to read on the forum. Answer is no. If you wish to participate in discussion you better to do best and read and check other members suggestions.


Thanks for all..especially for NormR1.. Thanks for ur attachment.. Its useful for me.

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