I have a Binary logfile,and i have to read it and convert it to a normal file,and use the obtain values and represent it in a Datagrid. I joint a example of my Logfile and the convert form, and hope that somebody can help me

thx in advance

@charlybones no harm done :) happens to me also

may somebody already work with logfile(binary Logfile) ????? i have problem wit it,and i need help

You got to know the stucture of your file. A hexdump and some "bit puzzling" might find that out.
You could read, say 347 bytes, if that is the lenght of your "record" and drop them in a C# struct.
This can be tricky, it can depend from where you got your file if a boolean for instance is stored in 1 or 2 bytes!

i got the structure of my file,but the algorithm to decode it is my problem

Well, if you got the structure of your file, what is the problem then with start reading bytes and converting them to some readable text?