I have a variable declared in a class file. A form is called from the class. When the control goes to the from; the value stored in the varaible is lost. Hence ,when I get the control back to the class from the form, I am unable to get the value of the variable . Please help me a way out as to how to preserve that value.

Note: I also observed by putting a watch on the variable that it svalue becomes empty when the control goes to the form from the class. The variable is declared as Public in the class.

use like this :-

Public Static str as String


Hi Shouvik,

its showing compile error when I declare it as : Public Static str as String

please help me out

Do u create instance of the class inside the same form u r showing? u can show the form with new Instance like

Dim MyForm as Form1
Set MyForm = new Form1

Can u give the prototype of your coding

We have a class x() with the following code in it.

Dim MyForm As frm_ChangeOrder
Set MyForm = New frm_ChangeOrder
MyForm.Show vbModal

In MyForm we r accepting values and on click of a button we r calling a function which returns a string.
We want to get that string back to class x() from where MyForm was called

I would probably use a property in a module to store values across different forms and functions within an application.

Private m_strValue as String

Public Property Get StoredValue() As String
    StoredValue = m_strValue
End Property

Public Property Let StoredValue(Value As String)
    m_strValue = Value
End Property

Something like that :)

Then you'd just do:

StoredValue = Text1.Text

Thats not to say however that my way is the best way... but hope it helps :)

Hi dinilkarun,

Try this ' In Class (say X)

Public Sub ShowChangeOrder()
   [INDENT]Dim MyForm As frm_ChangeOrder
   Dim OrderDetails As String
   Set MyForm = New frm_ChangeOrder
   MyForm.Show vbModal
   OrderDetails = MyForm.OrderDetail
   'Now OrderDetails contain the preserved value
   Unload MyForm[/INDENT]
End Sub

' In Form (say frm_ChangeOrder)

Public OrderDetail As String

Private Sub Command1_Click()
   OrderDetail = FunctionToGetString()  ' Get and Preserve in OrderDetail
   Unload Me        ' Try to unload it will call Form_Unload
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
   Me.Hide  ' Dont miss it
End Sub
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