I am trying to control the security board using the Windows Firewall which connects to my server that was made in VB.Net. My only problem is when I open the Windows Firewall my server crashes. It also displays this error: "Error, win%fir%90y4e does not support this server. Please upgrade you version of Winsock.". So I upgraded myself to the latest Winsock that there is out there. After doing so I try again and my server still crashes, but this time with a different error. The error this time was the following: "Error, no client is available for win%fir%90y4e. Please try again later.". What do I do?

Your server doesn't connect to a client!

I don't need a client! All I need is a server that the Windows Firewall connects to so that way I can control the security board!

*Slaps* Don't you know that a server is worth nothing is it doesn't have a client!?
Your program isn't working because the Windows Firewall connects to your server, but the server needs a client and there is none. So that's why you get an error!
Surely you know a server by itself cannot and will not do anything like that.

*Slaps* Surely you know that a server by itself CAN do a lot of things like that!
Anyway you are not helping me with my program you are criticizing it! Therefore I will no longer argue with you about it.

Well let me tell you this. You aren't going to get any help with this because everyone besides you knows that any program that has a server MUST HAVE A CLIENT!

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