hello people!!
im new here!!
please!! help me to solve my problem in programming!! this is the problem:
*array of class, use struct
*create a dynamic array of customers account record with the following attributes:
a) account number
b)last name
d)middle initial
e)account balance
f)status(o-open/ c-close)

it will perform the following transactions:
* Account Number is generated randomly & must be unique!!!
* last, first name, MI & Acct balance should be the users input. balance should not be less than 5000.00
* status is open(O) if balance is above 100.00 otherwise status is closed(C).

* last, first, MI, Acct bal, status are displayed if account num is found otherwise display an appropriate message.
*amount of deposit is an input & should not be less than 1.00 deposit should be added to the current balance.

* Account number is a input.
* last, fist, MI, Acct bal, status are displayed if account num is found otherwise display an appropriate message.
* Amount withdrawn is an input & should not be less than 1.00. Withdrawn amount should be reflected to the balance.

* account num is an input. if found display customers information else display the corresponding message.

* inquire the bank account of the customer using last name!!(it will display the information of the customer!!)
Note: Result should be in ascending order using Firstname as a key.

* show the customers info!!
Note: Result should be in ascending order using Firstname as a key.

i need your help a lot!!

.... relax..... your project deadline was 11 months ago.

If I could give you some advice... The contributors to this forum are a good pack of people. If they see you making an effort they will give you the best advice. (Trust me I know, I’m in the middle of my final year project and when I get stuck on little pieces they are usually solved & more importantly EXPLAINED on this forum within a 12hr period.)

So start your project and break it into pieces. When u get stuck post your problem and I'm sure when the forum sees you making an effort they will help you out. I know that if I can answer any of your questions I will try.

Now set up

1) your class with your get and set mothds
2) your array [10]
3) and create prototypes for you 6 functions.
a. New Account
b. Deposit
c. Withdraw
d Inquire by acc no
e. inquire by last name
f. show all

When you get stuck with your code post it up and we will try and figure it out.

You're a year late and you haven't even started yet?
I want to speak to the teacher who doesn't give an automatic failure when an assignment is overdue by that much to a (supposed) student too lazy to even try to complete it on its own.

sorry for the date that ive posted!! i got it wrong!! it will be submitted this coming january 9, 2006!!
you know i tried to solve it!! and lots of errors!!
its just about 1 week that ive been trying to work on it!!
cud you please help me!! can you help me to sort and searh this program cause thats the only thing i have a problem!!
and thanks for the reply!!
may god bleess you and take care

sorry to tell!! i got it wrong!! supposed to be it will be passed this coming january 9, 2006 and i dont mean it to have a wrong info that ive posted!!
by the i tried to work with my project!! its been a week ive been trying to solve it!!! i got a problem in sorting and searching with this program!!
would you mind to help me solve with it!! and also i got it harder cause where adjusting the environment of the VBC++ before wer using the TURBO C++!!

thanks for the message!!
take care and god bless!!

Post your code attempt. Without it, you won't get very much help.

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