Hello any one can help me ?i have no idea data normalization .I want make software in c# "School Management System ".This is my Data Please normalize this.
Student Name
Roll Number
Date of admission
Fee Per Month
Ist Term
2nd Term
Final Term
Admission ID
Its Urgent Pleas Help me.

i don't believe its kind of easy job you even any one would need time to normalize it you could have mention problems in some specific portion

Please believe that i am new Student of data base . Please make it Table with Primary key and foreign key . Thanks

We don't have enough information to normalize it. For example, FeePerMonth: Is this a standard rate for all classes or is does it depend on what class you are taking (Writing class is cheaper than Programming class, for example).
What is Result? What does 1st Term represent (and 2nd Term and Final Term).

You need to explain each field.

Student Name
Roll Number
Class {1st class,2nd class,3rd class ,4th class ,five class}its mean Primary school class one to class five.
Section {A,B,C}
Date of admission
Fee Per Month {1st class fee ,2nd class fee etc.....}
Result {first semester , 2nd semester ,and final semester)
Admission ID
Subjects {Eng,Urdu,Math, Persian ,Arabic,Biology,Computer)

I hope now you will easily understand my data .and you will help me as a teacher

I think its not a easy job its take a lot of time.

Do you want to create a DataBase out of these data?
I think it would be good, and then create some classes, like Student, Class, and so on if needed.
It would still be good if you tell us more what are you trying to do, a complete application for running the school maybe?