I have been away from internet connection for awhile. Anyways, I am still having library issues using VBOs. Now the only warning that I am getting is undefined reference to 'XXX@Y' Where XXX is either CreateFont, SelectObject, ChoosePixelFormat, SetPixelFormat, GetObject, DeleteObject, or SwapBuffers and Y is a line number. What is wrong with my library set up and how do I fix it?

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Sorry, I am forgetting my forum etiquette. I am using Code::Blocks version 10.05 with mingw compiler (it came w/ the install) it uses .a files. I am using these headers to work w/ OpenGL's Vertex Buffer Objects, I had to refer to help from this forum three times along the way to get the OpenGL headers/libraries working and now it seems something is wrong w/ my windows libraries. THIS IS FRUSTRATING!!! :@


I have been doing some research... it seems most of the functions rely on wingdi.h gdi.lib and gdi.dll... i have the header and dynamic link library and i have libgdi.a so why am i getting the error?

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