I was working on a python project that was open source and had some questions about a problem I am having.

Some background:
I am proficient with Java and C++, so I know how to code, however this is my first attempt at Python. Using windows, and have python 2.4 and lates edition of pythonwy or whatever the graphics addons are called.

Moving along, I had downloaded the finished project to mess around with it and see how it worked and it was quite nice. However when I downloaded the source code and ran it a few things were not right. The tabs are in all caps, downloading seems not to work at all, and some of the menus are slightly different. Any idea whhat would cause the difference. You think that if I figured out how to turn the code into an installer and true exe file for windows it would work properly? ANy advice would be great. Heres the link to the project I'm trying to modify / run properly at this point.... -> http://sourceforge.net/project/show...group_id=118306