I just started both RMI and CORBA programming, yup normal basic Hello World from available tutorial at google achieve. But apparently none of them works. So could anyone pls let me know what or which software should i use ? current im having netbean 4.0 which wont work for both , or maybe i dont know how and j2sdk1.4.2_04 ..Both compiler wont gives me 0 errors..anyone ?

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learn to do things outside your IDE.
RMI works just fine if you program it correctly, so should CORBA (if you have all the correct services running etc. etc.).

thanks. ya, maybe
i should try harder.

if you have an RMI server running and registered with the RMI registry the client should be able to find it unless there's a firewall blocking it (which should never happen when both are on the same machine).

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