Hello all,

Following the guide on sourceforge, I've created several pyplot programs which have nice event handling. I'm able to press keys on my keyboard and the plots advance and change. The backend for this program is GTKagg. There are several instances where I can change parameters in the plot interactively. For example, if I press r, the data will begin at 0. I am able to successfully interact through the terminal; that is, I press a button and the terminal prompts me for a value before it begins running the next iteration of the code. What I can't find is if it's possible to add a small box on the pyplot figure itself which will allow me to easily put in these parameters, instead of going through the terminal.

For example, a box stays open and if I enter a number, it plots a new graph. This is easily done through the terminal, but I'm confused on how to incorporate the GUI right into the pyplot program. Is there support for this already?

Here is snippet of vegaseat in his sticky thread, how to use matplotlib and tkinter, maybe you can apply the example.

Thanks. Yeah, I saw this demo on the matplotlib archives. One thing I'm having trouble with is finding good documentation on these backends, like FigureCanvasTkAgg. Who actually releases these programs?