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What is the easy way to learn GUI Python, i mean where to choose pyGTK, pyQT , TkInter or what? Thanks

The easyest is easygui and the full one is pythoncard, the helloworld book is what you need to learn


If I remember correctly, easygui is just a bunch of tkinter based dialog boxes. As a GUI toolkit it is BS to say it politely. Spend some time learning tkinter, it is a pretty powerful GUI toolkit, and you get used to GUI design and thinking.

More advanced is PyQT or PySide, but it will bring along quite a steep learning curve. PyGTK is rather difficult to install in the Windows OS world, and it is, along with wxPython, not yet available for the Python3 (could change soon).

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If you think a GUI program should only consist of a number of disjointed message-boxes, than you are limiting yourself very much.


wx.Python is fairly easy to learn and there are a ton of tutorials and examples. There are actually alot of them in this python forum.

Its also fairly powerful to be fair and is by far my favourite.

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