I needed some help on automating the installation of a software.

During the installation of a software, you get various options.
For eg.
1. the license agreeement screen gives you two options with two radio buttons. Choosing one selects Yes, I agree with the terms and conditions. And choosing the other selects No, I do not agree with the terms and conditions. Choosing option1 enables the Next option.

2. Now when you click Next, it brings up another window which gives the list of components (with checkboxes) to be installed. On this screen you can check those components that are to be installed and can leave the other components unchecked.

3. Clicking on Next now brings up another window which prompts for the path where the software needs to be installed and then the installation proceeds to completion.

Now, what I wanted to know was whether I can write a script in Perl or any scripting language that automatically does steps 1, 2, 3 without manual intervention.
i.e it must automatically be able to select one of the radio buttons and Next button should be selected in Step1 based on the script.
In the next window, it must automatically be able to select the desired check boxes based on the script and click on the next button.
Again in the last window, it must take the path based on the script and complete the installation.

Please let me know How I could write such a script? Small code snippets would be very useful.


I don't know whether this is something that Perl can do, but you might be able to use some kind of macro-wrapper program for it, or something. You might want to look at a tool like Perfect Keyboard Pro to automate something like this, perhaps.

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