can somebody help me configure Textpad
As i want to compile a java file and run it
that i have saved in the directory of my choice
2.preference Tools on the left hand side of the preference panel and select the java tools by adding them.
after that what to fill in the command parameter and initial folder for java and javac

Thank you

what do you mean "configure textpad"?
are you talking about the configurations you need to do to be able to write java programs in notepad? there is no configuration needed.

you need to install a JDK (Java Development Kit). you can find this at Oracle's download section.

After that, you can write your java code as a text-file, you just save it with a .java extension.

for instance:

then, you go into your command prompt and you go to the folder in which you have placed your .java file, and compile it, using:


once you've done this, you can run it, by:

java MyProg

this is the most basic way, for the most basic applications. You don't really need to use command line arguments, except off course your code expects them, and you haven't anticipated the user who forgets to enter them.

anyway, as I said, this is the very basic way, for the simplest of all basic programs. there are a lot different parameters and arguments you can pass on while compiling, but if you're just learning, I would advise against trying to comprehend it all at once.

I recomend you to download Eclipse. It's an IDE where you can edit your code-text files dynamically.

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I did that once. The next time I started TextPad, it was gone.
I don't bother trying to compile in TextPad anymore.
Create in TextPad. Compile and run at the command prompt.
Other than that, get an IDE.

I recomend you to download Eclipse. It's an IDE where you can edit your code-text files dynamically.

seriously, using an IDE is the worst possible way to start learning a programming language. this forum is already flooded with posts explaining just why, so I 'm not going to repeat all the reasons here.

This is the way to clarify your problem...

You must install java before configure this...

Configure -> Preferences ->tool -> Add -> Java SDK Commands
then apply....

then build the java program ,compile & run....

compile the java program -> [Ctrl+1]
Run Program -> [Ctrl+2]

Its simple.And also it's easy for us than notepad