In my application i want to get the explain plan of all the query executed and want to log that explain plan in log file. I am planning to use the hibernate or Ibatis.

Could any body help me to tell that which one support to get the explain plan of all the executed query and which one is better.

If possible please provide some reference document or code snippet to develop.

Thanks a lot

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Maybe somebody can if you can re-word this "explain plan of all the query executed". Did you mean logging executed SQL statements?

Thanks peter. but actually i am looking for the explain plan of all the query executed. i have no requirement of logging all the query executed but only the explain plan of all

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Are you sure you posted this thread in the correct forum?
Being both an Oracle and Java developer,
this sounds like a DB question and not a Java question.
And since this is the Java forum...

Yep, definately a DB question. I use PgAdmin on PostGreSQL and utilise it's Query Planner regulary to fine tune some of my more complex queries.

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