I found some old floppies with some of my early basic programs on them. I made them in vb3 (.bas .frm) but I'd like to open them in VB.NET is there a way to do this? I saved all my files in ASCII.

p.s. please don't post this link, because i DID google :idea:

I know VB6 could open VB4 and you can definately upgrade VB6 to .NET so i think it should be possible. Theres no harm in trying it with something like VB.NET Express first (theres an option not to write over your old files when upgrading)

Thanx! That worked. I have a friend who has VB6 so he converted vb3 to vb6 and then returned it to me.
One problem though:
The vb6 project runs fine and the conversion works fine. But when I try to compile the project VS2005 says invalid char at this line:


What does this line do? I'm really not into VB(.net), since my first programs I've switched to C.

Nevermind...Changing it to module MODULE1 works fine!

Thanx for the help!

what VB2005 do you have?
Full or express?

I recoommend Visual Basic Step By Step (Microsott Press) - I have the 2003 version and its an excellent book for getting started in VB - goes all the way from Windows Forms to OOP to GDI+ to ADO databases and ASP its a really great book (my 2003 version (£90) came with VB2003 standard edition which was worth like 100 quid) if you can get a similar deal for VB2005 i reccomend (you can get the book on its own of course)

by the way i sucessfully upgraded a project straight from VB4 to .NET 2005 last night - it did it fine

what VB2005 do you have?
Full or express?

That's strange I allready replied to this... But my message is gone :eek:
Anyway: I use pro, I use it to program Embedded devices with C++.
Therefor I'm not really interrested in learning VB.net, I just wanted to laugh at my early creations! But thanks for the effords.

.NET is great for embedded devices
I use .NET PRO for programming pocketpcs

I use .NET PRO for programming pocketpcs

I've tried it with a windows-ce device, just a simple program. (com, ui & multithreading) and it was very easy to program, but C++ just gives faster(smaller) executables. I am programming for an experimental device and I don't have memory to spare, so I'll just stick with C++. No hard feelings :)