I was thinking of doing some simple animations in python,Tkinter and my biggest problem was getting things to move together. so I was wondering if there was a way to make say an arc and rectangle into one object to rotate and such.

thanks in advance

sorry about leaving off my code but I had to cut it down to be small enough and still have the problem visible but here it is

from Tkinter import *
import math,cmath

def spin(canvas,item,angle):
    cangle = cmath.exp((angle*math.pi/180)*1j)
    coordinates = canvas.coords(item)
    xs,ys = [],[]
    for x,y in zip(coordinates[::2],coordinates[1::2]):
    center = complex((max(xs)-min(xs))/2+min(xs),(max(ys)-min(ys))/2+min(ys))
    lists = []
    for x,y in zip(coordinates[::2],coordinates[1::2]):
        v = cangle * (complex(x, y) - center) + center
    print lists
    return lists

class App:

    def __init__(self, master):

        frame = Frame(master)
        canvas = Canvas(frame, width = 225, height = 225, bg="white")

        canvas.create_arc(150,50, 200,100, extent=180, fill="blue", tag="arm")
##        shoulder
        canvas.create_rectangle(150,75, 200,100, fill="blue", tag="arm")
##        sleeve
        canvas.create_line(151,75, 199,75, fill="blue", tag="arm")
##        line between shoulder/sleeve

        canvas.create_rectangle(150,100, 200,200, fill="tan", tag="arm")
##        the arm

        for x in canvas.find_withtag("arm"):
            coordinates = spin(canvas,x,90)
            a,b,c,d = coordinates
            canvas.coords(x, a,b,c,d)

        canvas.create_arc(50,50, 100,100, extent=180, fill="blue", tag="arm")
##        shoulder
        canvas.create_rectangle(50,75, 100,100, fill="blue", tag="arm")
##        sleeve
        canvas.create_line(51,75, 99,75, fill="blue", tag="arm")
##        line between shoulder/sleeve

        canvas.create_rectangle(50,100, 100,200, fill="tan", tag="arm")
##        the arm

root = Tk()

d = App(root)


it's a before and after view of the 90 degree spin. the arc didn't move but I probably just need to change the start/extent on it to make it spin.

ok I got the images merged by making a second canvas and drawing on that now I just need to get it to rotate but that can wait for another day.