I am trying to write a function that will read an array of numbers with the count of the numbers. I want to take the numbers and assign them to letters.Then print out the counts of A's, B's,C's,D's and F's. What i have isnt finished but im really frustrated with what i have so far. Just need some guidance...thank you
this is the scale for the grades:
100-90 A
89-80 B
79-70 C
69-60 D
50-0 F

const int MAXSIZE=10;

double Averages[MAXSIZE]={80.2,95,60,49.5,77.8,87.9,99.9,29,76.1,92.5}
char lettergrades[MAXSIZE]={'B','A','B','C','F','D','B','A','A','B'}

//function call

//function definition

void countletterGrade(double NAverage, int count)

for (int=index; Naverage<index; index++)
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First you need an array of averages, as you have already coded on line 3. You will eventually want to read those values from a data file and put them into an array, but hard-coding them for now will be ok so that you can finish the rest of the assignment.

The array of grades on line 4 is not needed. Instead, you need an array of 5 integers that will contain the count of letter grades. So if you declare int counts[5] = {0}; , counts[0] is for 'A', counts[1] = 'B', etc.

In a loop for each average, use a series of if statements to determine which grade is appropriate for the given average, then increment the counter element. For example

if( Averages[i] >= 90.0 ) counts[0]++;
else if( Averages[i] >= 80.0) counts[1]++;

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Thank you so much that fixed it...i appreciate your help.thank you!

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