changing a character in a C# string

suppose I have created a string in C# and I want to change the last character to a blank.

private static string sOldMassiveOutput;
public static string oldmassiveoutput
 get { return sOldMassiveOutput.Trim(); }
 set { sOldMassiveOutput = value; }
 oldmassiveoutput[oldmassiveoutput.Length - 1] = ' ';

This will not work.
How do I make it work?

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Strings are immutable objects. That is, whenever you make a "change" to a string, a new string is created, and you reference the new string.

To replace the last character:

oldmassiveoutput = oldmassiveoutput.Substring(0, oldmassiveoutput.Length - 1) + " ";
commented: Or.. System.Text.StringBuilder :) +15

Or use the Remove method and append a space.

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