Hey guys,
I am trying to build a function where it calls a dialog box to select an excel file to upload. Once the file is selected then read all data from worksheet 1 except for the header row and insert them into a table while omitting duplicates.

In the excel file, I have 4 columns of data I need to insert into a table called tblParcel which already contains some data from previous transactions. Since there might be overlapping of data, I need a function where it would omit duplicate data when inserting them into the table.

p.s. I need to do this without the usage of SQL Import and Export feature.

Can you please show what you've already coded and where you are having problems?

I have set of data that I download from FedEx insight page which I would like to import onto one of our DB. The download is in excel file with bunch of unnecessary columns. I want to build a function where the function reads necessary columns from the excel file and populate one of the DB tables using data from excel.

I havent coded yet and I dont know where to start to be honest.

Then you need to hire a developer who will do all that for you, as that seems to be a paid job.

As we do not write code for others home works / assignments, you need to show some effort to get any sort of help here.

commented: I agree, no effort no help. +5