Hi Friends,
My client give me a project to modify, but when I load the project I got the error about

It says could not loaded... :angry:

anybody can help me to solve this problem...???

I have attached the snap shot of messages i recieved while loading the project.

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Do you have both the OCX files with you ?

No i didn't have those Files. :(

You need to ask you client for those files.

Once you have the files with you , you need to register those with windows using regsvr32 key.

Yes I do ask him... but he also didn't have those files.

now from where I can get those OCX files...???

Those seems to be custom controls, Only the author can provide you those.

is there any other way to generate or get those files, if the author didn't have those files...???

or is it possible to generate those files depends on the Code which is dependent on these OCX files...???

If you know what is the source code for all those files ,you can definitely recompile those source code to generate the component.

Does the program load on your friends system? If yes, then he definitely hve this .OCXes. To fetch them search the system, they will be there somewhere waiting to be found.

Thank you friends..
client has provided all those files...
Problem SOLVED.!!!

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