I am trouble to sort out the error when i am opening a website www.lsoft.co in a webbrowser it shows me script error like

script error
! an error has occured in the script on this page
line: 86
char: 3
error: object expected
code: 0
url: http://lsoft.co/

do you want to continue running scripts on this page?
yes no

while clicking yes it shows the website but how i can stop the displaying message.

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Is this a website you have developed? I don't get an error in FF but in IE I get an error saying ASP.Net AJAX client side framework failed to load and then 2 more saying 'Sys' is undefined.

Some code around the error would help.


Yes , that website i have developed. but don't know how to figure out these errors. while in diff. IE error can't be showing.


Well, in that case you will need to address the javascript code errors. But we can't help you with that because you haven't posted the code with the errors up for us to look at...


Hi hericles,
Thanks For Reply and i will look at whenever i found the solution i will get back to you.

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