Hi :)

How to make a package from the project ?
How to make from it a package so i can install it on
diffrent compuer ?

Im using visual c# 2005 express edition.


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The express editions don't support any kind of deployment except for ClickOnce. In regular visual studio you'd make a setup and deployment project...


If you want an msi file as the result, I don't think you can do it with visual studio express. You have to upgrade to visual studio standard or write your own installer program that creates folders, copies files, and adds registry keys to mimic a standard installation. To do that you just need to do some research on how windows installs and uninstalls programs (it's pretty easy). Or you could manually make an msi, but I don't know how to do that. I'd start by looking at wotsit.org to see what's involved in the file type and searching google.com for anybody that's already done it and shows how. I'm guessing it's easier to do the installation and uninstallation manually.

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