Hi guys,

Im mike, i am new in using Sybase central using sql anywhere 9, i've got a big problem,

on how am i to connect my Sybase database to Visual Basic 6.0.

Guys.. i badly want to know this, because i am new to my work.

I hope you can help me Guys..

Mike Pilapil

You need to use ADO , please find the connection string here.

Thanks you for your reply i appreciate it.

but do i need both?

1. Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise
2. Sybase Advantage Database Server

then after that? what should i do?

please forgive me for askin like this..
i really dont know Sybase.

Hope ur Reply Good Man.

You need to use which ever you are using ?

From VB side coding remains same, irrespective of database.

Ok ill try to used both of them.

but please guide me to this matter.

thanks you..

My manager said,

its better to used a Search Engine i have been download my Serach engine but cant

do you know where can i get them?

i have been download my Serach engine

What exactly you are doing ?

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