i just want to know if someone can give me an exemple of how toreplace a data from a single data in a textfile .
i read that i need to use a temporary textfile but i still dont get it
thanks by advance

i forgot to write
my problem is in c#

What kind of data do you have, and what to replace?
thx for the answer.

for exemple :
i got a line with : james ,1000
i want to replace 1000 by whats in my textbox
i just cant figure out
the way i did it just erase all my data

String strFile = File.ReadAllText("c:\\File1.txt");
strFile = strFile.Replace("oldvalue", "newvalue");
File.WriteAllText("c:\\File1.txt", strFile);

wow thank you so much
that was relly helpfull
thanks again