hi, i am just wondering how to open a picture of a normal format. I know that you cant do it in the console. And i am using the compiler DEV-C++. Thanks

Why can't you do it in the console?

Open the file in binary mode.

You probably need to use an external library of some kind.

FreeImage is one which is easy to use, supports most standard image formats and allows you to do some basic transformations on them.

If you want to do more advanced transformations on the image, then you can use OpenCV.

If you just want to display the image, then I would suggest you use a GUI tool to make an application with a graphical user interface. Qt is a very good option as a GUI tool and C++ IDE for it. Any GUI tool will have features to load images.

Another option is WinAPI, which supports Bitmap files. There are of course more advanced solutions from Microsoft as well, but they mostly require Visual Studio to use them.